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Daniel Owen

Writer, Editor, Photographer, Dreamer

All photographs on this site were taken by Daniel Owen McGrath and are copyright.

Feature Film

To read the first ten pages, just click on the poster. To request a full script, use the Contact button at the bottom of the page.


Short Films

A selection of short screenplays (between five and ten pages), all complete stories. For rights, questions, to commission your own short screenplay or talk to me about anything, please use the Contact button below.

TOHOJ Poster.jpg

The Other Half Of Jennifer

A psychological drama

When a young woman in an abusive relationship investigates strange happenings in her home, she discovers that the intruder is a mysterious version of herself.

Game Design

Design documents and script pages from video games. Click the cover to go to the game page where you can find design/pitch documents and script pages.

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1% DD Title Page.jpg


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